How To Slim Your Face – Nonsurgical Techniques

Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, many find it difficult to slim their face. Though some naturally have a round face shape, medications, genetics, stress, and many other factors can also affect the contours of the face and make it almost impossible to alter.

Some people turn to surgery while others cannot (or choose not to) undergo the knife. Luckily, there are several treatment options to help you achieve a slimmer face without surgery. Here are the best nonsurgical techniques for a slimmer, sexier face.

Lifted Cheeks with Fillers

Using fillers in your cheeks to make your face appear slimmer, might seem counterintuitive. Fillers are, after all, usually used to give more volume. Fillers can, however, make your face appear more youthful and sculpted, can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and replace the bone loss that occurs with aging. Not only can fillers visually restore bone loss and rebuild the frame you had when you were younger, placing fillers in areas where cheeks are normally contoured with makeup, can help re-sculpt the entire face for a more lifted appearance.

Your facial skin and cheeks naturally start to sag and deflate with age. Using a dermal filler injection can correct volume loss due to loss of fat and muscle volume, while also providing lift and contour, especially in the jowl area near your mouth. Adding filler can add volume to your face, can help reshape your face and make your features look youthful and more angular in men.

Using Botox along with fillers is a great way to maximize results. Botox is ideal for relaxing the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles, while fillers make the skin more voluminous and contoured. Using the two treatments together helps lift and smooth skin for a youthful, slimmer appearance. This type of procedure is ideal for a wide range of people. It can benefit you if you were born with defined cheekbones but noticed that your face has recently become saggy. It can also benefit you if you have a more rounded face shape, but always wanted more defined cheekbones and wanted more of a heart shape or oval face.

Fillers are a great way to get a slimmer face without surgery. Fillers can last for several months and depending on the type of filler used, may be able to be reversed if you are not satisfied with the results. Unlike fillers, surgery is a more permanent solution and cannot easily be fixed if you are not happy with the results. Fillers are ideal for both men and women and can be used on the apple of the cheeks, on your cheekbone and jaw area to give more definition to men and women.

Achieving a V-Shape Face

Using Botox to relax muscles

Some women want a V-shaped face. This is especially true for Asian women. Your jawline may become square shaped due to overdeveloped masseter muscles, which are responsible for chewing your food. As you tense up these muscles or grind your teeth, they produce a square jawline. While this type of facial structure looks good on some people, it is not ideal for others. Botox can help relax these tight muscles, which are the masseter muscles so that they soften and become smaller and make your face look narrower. Fillers are used along the jawline if there are any deficits and, in the chin, to help elongate the face to give a heart-shaped face. By combining Botox and fillers one can help achieve a more V-shape look.

Using fillers to define your jawline

Jawline fillers can help slim your face by filling in your jawline to give your face a chiseled, sexy shape. It works by injecting a filler along the jawline to add more volume and fullness and in effect, pulls back the jowls. This technique will also help lift your neck sagginess.

So contrary to what you may think, instead of making you look fuller and rounder, fillers help slim your face and give more definition. You are giving more structure to your face, so your soft tissues are pulled up like a liquid facelift. We can further reshape your face by elongating your chin with fillers or slimming your square jaw with Botox.

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Skin tightening with Venus Freeze

A Venus Freeze treatment is a type of facelift that helps smooth fine lines and tighten skin without surgery. It involves using a handheld device that emits radiofrequency energy and magnetic pulses. These pulses penetrate the dermis and hypodermis to stimulate the production of new collagen fibers and other elastic fibers.

Research shows that radiofrequency energy decreases fat cell volume by breaking down triglycerides in the subcutaneous fat layer while magnetic fields significantly increase collagen fibers (1). This can help slim down your face while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, these results can be achieved without disrupting the overlying epidermis, which means that there are no serious side effects or downtime (1).

Slim double chin with Kybella

Kybella is an excellent treatment option for double chins, which can help slim down your face. As an injectable treatment that was approved by the FDA in 2015, Kybella does not require surgery or downtime. A Kybella injection includes a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid.

As a naturally occurring molecule in the body, deoxycholic acid helps breakdown and absorb dietary fat. When injected underneath the chin, Kybella helps kill fat cells and reduce fullness. Once these cells are destroyed, they cannot store fat. This means that unlike other treatment options, you may not need future Kybella treatments once you get the result you want. Kybella can also be used “off-label” and be injected in the fatty jowls of your face to help slim your face even further.

So, as you can see there are many modalities to help restore your youthfulness or reshape your face. We are happy to meet with you and provide recommendations for the results you want!

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