How Botox Can Make Your 2020 A More Successful & Happier Year!

Can botox really make you happier? According to one study, it can. However, it may not make you happy in the ways that you think.

Research shows that botox doesn’t just make you look better (which can make you happy), but it also contains chemicals that make you feel happier after injections.

Being happier makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. No matter what you want to achieve this upcoming year, here’s how being happier can get you there quicker!

How Does Botox Make You Happier?

happy honolulu woman receiving BotoxAccording to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, botox can make you happy by preventing your face muscles from frowning. But there is more to the story than that.

Researchers have reason to believe that botox may also make you happier in other ways. The study piggybacks off the idea that being physically unable to express certain facial expressions (such as frowning) influences your mood.

The new study, coupled with past research, indicates that botox may contain chemicals that help you feel happy outside of the inability to frown. The authors concluded this after asking patients to fill out an anxiety and depression test two weeks after their botox treatment.

Researchers found that patients who received botox had lower scores of depression, irritability, and anxiety. Most importantly, the botox patient’s happy feelings reportedly had nothing to do with their new self confidence.

This suggests that botox can make you happier from a chemical standpoint, not just because it prevents you from frowning. Authors of the study believe that your facial muscles directly influence brain activity, which may be why people who get botox feel happier than they did before the treatment.

This theory is backed by past research indicating that botox produces nerve impulses that travel to the amygdala, which is the part of your brain that is responsible for processing emotions.

When someone is exposed to an angry expression on another person, it increases the activity of the amygdala. However, patients who were exposed to angry facial expressions after getting a botox treatment had reduced amygdala activity. This research shows that botox makes you happy, not just by preventing you from frowning, but also by influencing brain activity (1).

Can Being Happier Really Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Everyone can benefit from being in a better mood. If you’re on the fence about botox, you might be interested to know that there are benefits outside of your physical appearance.

However, we still think that improving your physical appearance and self-confidence are GREAT reasons for wanting to get botox!

Research shows that depression has numerous adverse effects on the body, which can prevent you from achieving your goals this New Year. Common symptoms of depression may include the following (2):

        1. Mood problems, such as anxiety, lack of motivation, loss of interest in activities, mood swings, and hopelessness, and more
        2. Behavioral problems, such as excessive crying, social isolation, and irritability
        3. Sleep problems, such as insomnia, restless sleep, excessive sleepiness, and waking early
        4. Weight problems, such as weight gain
        5. Changes in appetite, such as craving sugary or comfort foods

Imagine trying to achieve your New Year’s resolution goals while feeling any of the above symptoms. Additionally, many people who feel depressed suffer from several of these symptoms and not just one.

We don’t know how anyone can overcome insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, food cravings and more to feel their best selves in 2020.

Happiness doesn’t just help motivate you to achieve your goals. It also has physical benefits on the mind and body. It can also improve your professional life. Research shows that happiness can even make you live longer (3).

According to one study, people with a high cheerfulness rating at college entry level jobs make more money and have a higher job satisfaction rating than those with a lower cheerfulness rating. They are also less likely to be unemployed (4)!

Botox can be the first step in the right direction. You may help improve areas of your body that made you feel bad about yourself while also stimulating areas of your brain that make you happier.

Tips For A More Successful and Happier New Year

Most people have high hopes for the New Year, but then give up on their goals before spring arrives. They find that the challenges are too great and return back to old habits because that’s what is familiar.

No matter what your goal is this year, one thing is clear. You won’t get there if you don’t get your mind right.

Finding happiness right now is important, even if your goals include significant changes in your life regarding things that you are NOT happy with.

Here are some tips to help make this year the greatest yet:

1. Set realistic goals.

Set realistic goals for yourself that you can conquer one by one. Over time, this will add up so that you achieve one big goal.

Many people find that smaller goals are easier to achieve, yet they still make you feel just as accomplished. Remember that you cannot do it all at once.

2. Write your goals down.

Writing your goals down can help you get organized. You can use this space to identify specific details about your goals and how to achieve them.

You can revisit your goals when you hit a plateau to help overcome any barrier and stay motivated. Keeping a journal can help you sort out your feelings and brainstorm ways to feel your best in 2020.

3. Give botox a try!

Studies show that there is more to botox than just preventing you from frowning. It has an impact on parts of your brain that help reduce depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Feeling happy from a chemical standpoint can help give you an edge when it comes to tackling your New Years goals. For more information, contact our office to see how botox can help make you a happier person to crush any goals you have for this year!


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