The Best Treatments For Lip Lines – Botox vs. Fillers

Lip lines are those pesky lines around your lips and mouth that are hard to get rid of and add years to your face. If you’ve tried facial creams and supplements without success, then it might be time to consider another approach.

Both Botox and fillers can help these lip lines, but it can be hard to know which method is right for you. This article discusses the differences between Botox and fillers and how they can help manage lip lines for a more youthful appearance.

What Are Lip Lines?

Lip lines are also known as smoker’s lines, bar codes or lipstick lines. The medical term is perioral lines.

They tend to form above the upper lip and below your lower lip. They appear when you purse your lips and over time the lines get etched and appear on the skin above your upper lip and below your lower lip.

Sometimes these lines encroach onto the red border of the lips. Women may notice that lipstick settles into these lines and makes them more obvious.

How Do Lip Lines They Occur?

Lip lines tend to naturally occur with age. There are several factors that contribute to the appearance of these lines. One factor is because you lose much of your collagen levels as you get older.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s responsible for giving your skin its elastic and youthful appearance. When collagen decreases, it causes the skin to become thinner and wrinkles more pronounced.

As your skin ages, it also loses much of its natural oils, and this can lead to chronic dryness. Your lips are already prone to dryness because they are constantly exposed to all sorts of weather.

Sun exposure can also cause wrinkles. UV-based skin damage may lead to photoaging, which occurs when the sensitive skin on your lips becomes damaged by overexposure to the sun.

Lastly, lip lines can also be caused by smoking. Smoking damages the skin and body by causing free radicals, which are toxins that lead to inflammation and premature aging.

Second factor is you lose fat in this area. Think of a balloon losing air and the balloon begins to shrivel. So, you lose support of the skin, and the wrinkles appear and get deeper with expressions.

Third factor is you lose bone. Yes, the bones of your face get smaller. So again, you lose support and your skin will get more wrinkled.

What Are The Best Lip Line Treatments?

Many products claim to help treat lip lines, such as over-the-counter creams and ointments. Depending on the severity of your lines, you may want to consider another option.

Botox and dermal fillers are both great options. Below is a breakdown of each, including their differences, how they can be used, and how to choose the best one for you.


Botox is one of the neuromodulators that helps relax the muscles. By relaxing the muscles of your lips, you will not able to purse you lips as hard as you used to, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The Botox will evert your lip and make your lip look larger.

Botox is commonly used for crow’s feet around the eyes, horizontal lines of the forehead, and the lines between the eyebrows. However, it can also be used to treat lines around the lips that are caused by pursing, kissing, smoking, and drinking with straws. These wrinkles are caused by dynamic wrinkles or “expression lines.”

On the other hand, Botox will not work on static wrinkles. Unlike dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles are caused by long term effects of dynamic wrinkles which etched the skin. You see these static etched lines around your mouth when you are not moving your mouth and your mouth is at rest.

Botox is not a permanent treatment. However, the results can last for several months. You may need repeated treatments of Botox to help keep your lip lines at bay. There are a few side effects. It might be difficult to use a straw. You would not be able to use a snorkel or play wind instruments.

On the plus side, patients like the effects of the Botox because of the pleasant enlargement of the lips and because it prevents future etching of the skin.

Botox is great for younger patients to prevent etching of the skin and to get larger lips without having fillers.


Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to add plumpness and fullness, which helps reduce lip lines and gives more volume around the lips for a more youthful look.

Fillers are a great tool to use against the aging process. They are especially beneficial for reducing the appearance of static wrinkles around the mouth and lips. Once your lines are filled, you will not create the dynamic wrinkle again, thus preventing deeper etching of the skin.

You also lose volume around your mouth when you age due to loss of bone and fat. Thus, filler is the ideal treatment to replace the volume loss. You need to treat the frame around your lips for a more natural and youthful look.

Fillers last longer than Botox. You may need to get a new treatment every six to twelve months to keep your mouth looking young.

What Are The Main Differences Between Dermal Fillers and Botox?

Botox and fillers may use different substances that are intended for different uses. In fact, combining them in one treatment is the best way to help correct wrinkles or lines.

Here are some of the primary differences between the two:

      • Dermal fillers: these injections use hyaluronic acid to fill in the aging lines around the mouth. The area around your mouth will appear to be more voluminous and smoother. By correcting the volume loss and lines around your mouth, you will have a more youthful appearance.
      • Botox: these injections are used to relax muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions. Botox is commonly used around the eyes and forehead, but now you can use them to help reduce dynamic wrinkles around your mouth when you talk and purse your lips.


Botox and dermal fillers are both excellent options for treating lip lines, which are caused by a loss of collagen, smoking, and aging.

Dermal fillers are used to make skin look fuller and plumper. When used in the perioral area, they will give your mouth area a more voluminous appearance. If you add Botox to your filler treatment, the Botox will increase the longevity of the filler placed around your lips.

We recommend coming into our office for a free assessment to determine which method is right for you. In some cases, a combination of both fillers and Botox can be used, depending on your needs and skin type.

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