10 Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

Improving your skin health doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. There are plenty of things that you can do everyday to improve the appearance of your skin. Sometimes, you can even see results right away.

Other tricks take consistency. In the end, all of your hard work and dedication will pay off as you’ll have glowing skin with fewer wrinkles for the world to see! Here are the top 10 ways to improve skin health at home.

#1 – Stop eating refined sugar and high glycemic foods. ????????????

When it comes to skin health (or any area of health, for that matter), refined sugar is your worst enemy. This is because foods that contain refined sugar contribute to inflammation in the body. As the largest organ in your body, your skin is quick to reveal the hidden secrets about your diet.

Research shows that foods with a high glycemic index, such as white bread, sugar, and white rice, are rapidly absorbed in the body. This leads to increased levels of insulin, which increases the risk of acne (1). Additionally, the ingestion of sugar can lead to skin aging because it promotes the cross-linking of collagen fibers (2).

#2 – Eat more whole fruits and vegetables. ????????????????????

Healthy skin comes from the inside out. Along with reducing your intake of refined sugars and high glycemic foods, it’s important to eat adequate amounts of whole fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. These nutrients help heal your skin to reduce aging and sun damage. They may also improve your skin color.

According to one study, eating more fruits and vegetables provides beneficial effects on Caucasian white appearance within six weeks (3). Another study even found that the “glow” your face gets from eating more fruits and vegetables is perceivably more attractive than a tan (4).

#3 – Consider taking a collagen supplement. ????

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It helps keep your skin elastic and wrinkle-free. However, your collagen levels naturally decline with age. For this reason, many people start taking a collagen supplement to help boost skin health.

Research shows that collagen supplements help improve skin hydration, elasticity, density, and roughness (5). When looking for a collagen supplement, make sure your collagen comes from clean sources, such as grass-fed bovine or wild-caught marine sources.

#4 – Try to go makeup-free. ????‍♀️

Many brands of makeup contain chemicals that leave your face feeling irritated and inflamed. Research shows that makeup that contains fragrances, preservatives, and other chemicals may induce several acute adverse side-effects, such as allergic reactions and contact dermatitis (6).

If you must apply makeup, look for a brand that is sourced from natural ingredients and be sure to remove it before bed to allow your skin time without anything on it.

#5 – Focus on vitamin C. ????

Vitamin C plays a role in the synthesis of collagen in your body, which helps support youthful looking skin. It also has natural antioxidant abilities to reduce inflammation that may be causing skin irritation.

You can apply vitamin C topically and work on ingesting more whole foods that contain vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables. Good sources of foods that contain vitamin C are berries, oranges, spinach, bell peppers, kiwi, tomatoes, and papayas.

#6 – Get more sleep. ????????

Sleep is needed for so many areas of health. It even plays a role in skin health! Research shows that good sleepers have reduced skin aging (7). Specifically, they have better barrier recovery and recovery from erythema (red skin) than poor sleepers.

Good sleepers also reported having a better perception of their physical attractiveness and appearance. Researchers indicated that this is because your skin repairs itself at night while you are sleeping and lack of sleep can accelerate the aging process (8).

If you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, then consider a nighttime routine that includes eating dinner, taking a walk or some other relaxing activity, and no blue screens for two hours before bed.

#7 – Exercise frequently. ????‍♀️????‍♂️

Exercise helps keep your skin healthy by improving blood flow throughout the body. This is important because your blood carries oxygen and nutrients that help nourish skin cells and keep them healthy. Blood also carries waste and harmful products away from skin cells. Additionally, research shows that aerobic exercise has anti-aging effects on muscle and skin (9).

#8 – Avoid dairy. ????

Dairy is a problem food for some people, even if they are unaware of it. If you experience acne, bloating, gas, or problems with nutrient absorption, then you could have a dairy sensitivity.

According to one study, dairy consumption, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt, increased the risk of acne in those aged 7 to 30 years old (10). If you want to improve your skin health, try avoiding dairy for a while as it contributes to inflammation in some people.
Be sure to check the label of your favorite foods as many contain hidden sources of milk and dairy products.

#9 – Apply some green tea. ????

Green tea contains catechins that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve the appearance of skin. Research shows that the topical application of green tea polyphenols before exposure to the sun reduced DNA damage in the skin (11). Another study found that green tea polyphenol extracts are effective chemoprotective agents that can be used against UV damage and may serve as a natural alternative for photoprotection (12).

#10 – Drink Lots of Water. ????????????

Staying hydrated is an important part of skin health. Research shows that dry skin is more likely to appear scratchy, dry, cracked and flaky. Staying properly hydrated may lead to vibrand, glowing skin. Be sure to add more water to your diet. Stay away from soda and sweetened beverages that contain added sugar, which will work against your skin care regime.

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Stay safe, stay beautiful, stay healthy!

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